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artist - dj - producer - sound designer - field recordist - 

curator - academic - cultural engagement ambassador 


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Music PhD Student at present, with a focus on the music and soundscapes of Jordan. A radio show called 'Sounding Jordan' is soon to begin that will document the portfolio of works, findings, and interviews.

Current works include:

'Hafla presents...' - 'Hafla presents...' is a celebration of diverse sounds and profound conversations that transcend borders. Events and talks that explore cultural nuances with the aim of captivating your senses and broadening your perspectives, whilst simply having a good time with like minded people. 

'From Leeds to Palestine' - A compilation album curated by myself of Leeds based producers with all profits being donated to Restless Beings and Middle East Children's Alliance.

'Vernaculore' - an audio visual installation created with machine learning and computer automated processes. Vernaculore is made automatically by an algorithm which samples from a database of folk music and cultural imagery to create an installation of an automated interpretation of folk art. The project investigates how folk art can create communities through creating a language of sounds, sights, rituals and movements and how these practices can be applied to digital and online spaces. Most recently exhibited at the Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki.

'Outside:In' - field recordings of the natural world, textures, and techniques, that invoke feelings of relaxation on the listener, for example, sound modulating at resting heart rates. This has taken sveral forms, from sleep concerts, to supper club menu accompaniments with the Tetley Gallery.

I play records to people and host radio shows on various stations; Radio Alhara (Palestine), Reform Radio (Manchester), Voices Radio (London), to listen. 

Expertise include sound design, music production, music curation, field recording, editing, speaking, cultural engagement, and AV production.


If you feel I can be of any assistance whatsoever, hit contact above and drop me a line. If I feel I can't help, I'll likely know someone who can.


Children of Gaza, Ibiza [speaker and performer] 2024

From Leeds to Palestine, [curator - charity compilation album] 2024

Vernaculore, [AV exhibition] 2023

Academy of Fine Art Helsinki, [exhibition] 2023

Light Night Leeds, [AV installation] 2022

The Tetley Gallery Supper Club, [AV dining experience]

Leeds City College Arts Fund [winner], 2021

Outside:In, [sound installation/performance], 2021

Radio Alhara Palestine, [residency] 2021 - present

Leeds Playhouse Creative Engagement Guest [composition], 2021

The Lockdown Patchwork [credit on composition - Leafcutter John], 2021

Reform Radio, [residency] 2020 - present 

Fragments, [sound installation], 2020

Boomtown Festival, [performance], 2019

Nature's Finest, [sound installation], 2019

Liverpool Sound City, [performance], 2018

The Emir's Cup Qatar, [composition] 2016

Maghrib call to prayer, Mesaieed, Qatar (14/4/22)

Binaural recording of the Maghrib call to prayer during Ramadan in 2022. Recorded using Sound Devices MixPre 2 and MM-BSM9 stereo pair.

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