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Vernaculore is an audio visual installation created with machine learning and computer automated processes. It is made automatically by an algorithm which samples from a database of folk music and cultural imagery to create an installation of an automated interpretation of folk art. The project investigates how folk art can create communities through creating a language of sounds, sights, rituals and movements and how these practices can be applied to digital and online spaces.

Folk art has a tradition of building and defining communities through creating a dialogue of sound and sharing lore to perpetuate a culture. The work is a collection of music, objects and rituals found from a Google image search for the term ‘folk art’ which have been reimagined and represented by automatically by artificial intelligence.


Vernaculore is part of a wider series of projects drawing comparisons between traditional folk art and digital artefacts made for social media such as memes to explore online communication, in particular interactions on social media and the use of memes to establish online communities. The work draws parallels between the creation of digital artefacts by social media users and traditional folk art practices. 


The installation consists of an installation of projections and speakers for the viewer to navigate.

It was most recently exhibited at the Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki, and has plans to be part of the Al Serkal and Al Quoz arts festivals in Dubai next November and February respectively.


The Lockdown Patchwork

One of my works was recently credited in The Lockdown Patchwork, a composition and artwork created by Leafcutter John for Leeds Art Gallery. 

One of my works was recently credited in The Lockdown Patchwork, a composition and artwork created by Leafcutter John for Leeds Art Gallery. 

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 20.27.18.png
Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 15.31.11.png


Working with the Fragments group, Arts Council England, and the NHS, we began installing new immersive experiences for care homes and dementia patients in the Leeds area.

My role in this was to head up the sound design for the 'green room' which was reimagined to be a springtime park. The idea being the natural sounds, smells of flowers, and routine, trigger pleasant memories and improve wellbeing.

I created a 24hr looping soundscape which ran for 7 days, taking into consideration the time of year and what might be audible to human hearing. We hit play at 7pm on the first night, and the soundscape began with church bells, a gentle breeze, and the sound of nightingales following what would be the dusk chorus and sunset.

2hrs of
the soundscape can be heard here:






We continue the work to date.

Restaurant Sound

I've enjoyed the opportunity to transform the sonic landscape of various restaurants, providing music and sound to compliment themes and menus, and how to best place speakers and set levels in order for the consumer to be at their most comfortable.

Field Recording

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